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We’re ready to interpret any conferences, international meetings, concerts, meet-ups, classes, and so on.

What is EventCAT?

An interpretation platform based on thousands of interpreters globally.

With the widest network of interpreters, we will always provide you with the right interpreter(s) with the skills needed for your event.

Why EventCAT?

Just tell EventCAT about your event and rest assured.

You don’t need to worry about how to find the best interpreters or how to manage them anymore.

MatchGuarantee™ and InterpreterOncall™ will make your interpretation experience with EventCAT unprecedent.


The only benefits you can take.

Feature 1


We categorize interpreters all over the world based on their professional knowledge, and connect you with a professional(s) most suited for your specific meeting

Feature 3

Quick and Safe

We have interpreters that can quickly be deployed in emergency situations, and can also quickly and safely process your contract and payment based on platform policy

Feature 2


Provide just some basic information about yourself, and we can connect you with the right interpreter within 24 hours

Feature 4


Based on user evaluation, we find interpreters who have the most optimized skillset for your specific event.


The successful international events of our client.


July 21, 2022 SEOUL

Cosmetic · Korean to English · Consecutive interpretation



Hear from the professionals.


★★★★★ 5.0

“EventCAT has a really simple application process for interpreters, and is diligent when it comes to processing my contract as well. I've developed a really high trust in this system because it can efficiently process my pay. So I'm planning to put events suggested by EventCAT on top of my list from now on.”

Kelly Park Interpreter · Korean, English

★★★★★ 5.0

“Interpreters matched by EventCAT were highly-trained professionals in their respective domains. They were able to quickly adapt and lead the event on-the-fly even in unexpected situations. Most of all, I was impressed with EventCAT’s ability to match such high caliber interpreters at such a short notice. For these reasons, I am planning to use EventCAT more often in the future.”

Soo Youn Lee - COO at VTPL Host


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